23rd October Report

Just in case anyone hasnt heard the SNAPPER have definately arrived in Port Phillip Bay. This past weekend has shown an abundance of fish all throughout the bay. The best key to hooking them is sounding them up and then tempting them with fresh bait, Pilchards are still working the best and dont forget the berley. As in all types of fishing patience is often a virtue!

Over the weekend Matthew Hunt Fishing Services clients were treated to some of the best fishing Port Phillip Bay has to offer!

After two previous charters had to be cancelled due to weather conditions. These young boys finally got to celebrate the birthday with some awesome fishing. One of the boys managed to boat a massive 6.2kg Snapper, all on his own. By the end of the charter the boys were talking about going on a Tuna Charter! It was great to see a young bunch of lads without a video game in sight or other electronic device and really enjoying the fishing. We caught some of their fishing on video you can check out their style on Youtube
  Neil and his crew also joined us again for his first charter for 2011  Snapper season. These guys had an absolute ball with some insane fishing. They were so impressed, as soon as they were off the charter they rang me to book in their next trip!
Two of our loyal clients on their first trip on the Snapper for 2011. Mae & Tony enjoy a number of Snapper trips with us each Season, but on Saturday they were blown away with the great fishing results and cant wait for their next trip!
  No rod was left untouched on the 3pm charter on Saturday. John and his crew are going to be eating fish for along time!
 5am Sunday charter was almost exact repeat of Saturday evening. Buckles, buckles & more buckles! Lon & his crew were very pleased with their catch!
 Sundays 10am charter was another birthday celebration, and celebrated it was!! Bagged out, sunny & warm weather what else could you ask for!


In this pic you can see how close the other boats were. The weather was the best we have had in a long time, mix that with sensational fishing & Mates Day at Launching Way results in hundreds of boats on the water. Unfortunately this year we were unable to assist with Mates Day, a very worthwhile event. For more information see Launching Way web site.

Prior to the madness and insane fishing this weekend, we also had some great results earlier in the week.

 On Monday (17/10) Ugar and his crew got their bag easily!
   Peter & Steve enjoyed an early morning charter on Tuesday(18/10). Peter flew down from Sydney to enjoy what Port Phillip Bay had to offer. Peter had no problem taking his catch back on his flight, and enjoyed fresh Victorian Snapper that night!
 On Thursday(20/10) Loyal client Ahmad got his first, second & third Snapper for 2011. Ahmad has been a regular over the last couple of seasons, however his work has repositioned him in Sydney. Distance wasnt a problem, catch a plane, go fishing, back to Sydney with fresh Snapper for a BBQ dinner with family & friends the next day.

 Aaron & Ian got their bag on Friday (21/10). Aaron was another client this week that travelled from afar. Taking the opportunity whilst visiting family & friends, Aaron booked well before his trip back to Melbourne to ensure he was going to get out on to the Snapper while here!


Matthew Hunt Fishing Services has had consistent charters since the beginning of the season, however we are about to enter in to the 'silly' part of the season where everyone wants to get out and onto the fish. For the rest of October we will be offering the option of a later departure for our last charter for the day, departure can be delayed up to 5pm, for those who want to get a fish in after work during the week. If you havent booked your trip in yet its not too late and again, as in previous years, we have our register of interested clients who are available for certain charters and we will give you a call when we have a trip that fits your requirements. The register can be used for individuals and groups. If you wish to book a trip or you wish to register your interest for a trip based on a particular time, day or weather conditions. 

Call Jo on 0419 760 510 or email info@fishingservices.com.au for all bookings & enquiries.

Matthew Hunt Fishing Services operate 3 charters a day, 7 days a week (weather permitting) Departure times are 5am, 10am & 3pm. The only days we will not be chartering throughout the season will be on Xmas Day & on New Years Day.