Latest Report - Tuna Portland

What an amazing week of fishing. Portland waters have definately shown what it can produce. Southern Blue Fin Tuna catches have been plentiful and great sizes. Albacore have also been in good numbers and great sizes.

Fish are still out far, but well worth the trip out. Matthew Hunt Fishing Services have fished every day in the last week, producing great catches and some very happy customers.

Saturdays Individual Charter (2nd April)           Boys were thrilled with their catch!

On Sunday the two Andrews were out there trying to break records on light gear. Unfortunately the record fish was lost at the boat, when the line busted off. There were plenty of fish to be had just wrong size on the wrong line. Never mind boys, next time fingers crossed, its a record breaker.

Andrew Dean with light gear trying to break that record.    
  On Monday Alvie and the boys headed out. After a slow start to the day, once they started it was multiple hook ups all round. Boys went home with a mixed catch of Southern Blue Fin Tuna up to 28kg and Albacore up to 18kg.

Scotty Gray from ADVENTURE BOUND joined in on a charter to carry out some research and development for Rapala. They proved very successful and again multiple hook ups were the norm.



To get all the information on which lures Matthew Hunt Fishing Services are currently using, contact the boys at FISHING FEVER. The boys did a trip with us last week and learnt all the tricks of the trade, which they will be more than happy to share with keen anglers.


Daniel from last Mondays charter took some footage of one of their multiple hook ups. You can hear the excitement & disbelief in their voices. Language may offend some. Click HERE to view their awesome experience.


QUOTE OF THE WEEK : "Do you have to put the rods back in the water?" - poor boys had sore arms from reeling in the fish!


After a boat that was non contactable for over 12 hrs, i urge any one that is thinking of bringing their boat to Portland to check and double check boat and equipment thoroughly before departure. If any items are not working, dont go out until repairs are done and if a safety or mechanical item is not working correctly while out at sea, return home as soon as possible. No fish is worth a life or the anxiety to your family and friends waiting for your return. You can check out Marine Safety Victorias guidelines HERE.